The RELEASE LPH™ range of products


The RELEASE LPH™ range of products by Rochelle Thuynsma, Senior Product Manager Complex biological biostimulants for crop production Understanding the importance of plant nutrients and ensuring effective uptake by the plant, is essential for anyone interested in successfully cultivating healthy and productive crops. These nutrients are crucial for plant growth, development and reproduction, while nutrient […]

Inoculation of legumes

Inoculation of legumes

Inoculation of legumes by Neil Smit, Senior Agronomist, and Stefan van Wyk, Head of Biological Research and Product Development, Victus The need for nitrogen Nitrogen is an essential macronutrient required for the growth and development of plants. All vital processes in plants need nitrogen as a main building block in proteins and enzymes. It can […]

Almond mineral nutrition


Almond mineral nutrition by Antonio Perez Ortiz, Senior Agronomist Agri Technovation, California Considerable research has been conducted on the fundamentals of mineral plant nutrition for almond trees. The objective of this article is to provide a concise overview of the knowledge gained by the industry and to offer insights on what producers need to consider […]