Agri Technovation provides a high-definition monitoring system that enables the monitoring of pests and diseases in great detail.

The Precision Pest Monitoring (PPM™) service uses data obtained from visual scouting and traps to quantify selected pests and diseases and to identify areas under threat. It is also an effective method to capture the movement and migration of pests and assists in predicting the rate at which they will spread. With this service the occurrence of pests and diseases is linked to a timeline as well as to geographical coordinates. Through the interpolation of various data points, a clear image of pest and disease incidences is created. The collected data is recorded using an electronic device from which it is automatically sent to our servers.

This enables us to provide swift feedback and information to our producers. Weekly and seasonal hotspots are summarised and visually represented in graphs. By identifying problem areas in an orchard or field, optimal decision-making regarding pest and disease control and the application of zoned-based precautions, is made possible.